I Like You // Reminders

As most of you know, Marcelo and I went on a cruise last week. It was absolutely amazing and relaxing; however, we sure did miss this little cutie.


So, here’s where story time comes in. I’m sure you tell your significant other or spouse “I love you.” Marcelo and I do all the time, because we love each other & we want each other to know that. Well, last week as we are walking up the stairs on the cruise ship, Marcelo says, “I like you.” I was baffled for a second, but I replied with an “I like you, too.” And, I started to really dwell on him “liking” me. The more I thought about it, the happier I got. It gave me the warm fuzzies. We also talked about what a shame it is that some couples love each other, but can sometimes forget why they like each other.

Marcelo is my best friend. I like him…like a whole lot. I liked him before I loved him and fell in love with him. He was a person I wanted to be around and I still want to be around him. We can sit and talk about anything or we can just be in each others presence without saying a word. Just being together is fun for us. Sure! Just like any couple, we do things that annoy one other, but we get over it fairly quickly. We remember to keep on liking each other…through thick and thin.

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Don’t forget to like your spouse today and everyday.

I like you forever, Marcelo!
Mary Elizabeth aka

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