Dear Husband // Five Ways to Win My Heart

I don’t think there are enough words to tell my husband how much I truly love him. Yes, we put up with each other’s crap on a daily basis, but it never makes us love each other any less. The truth is I believe our love grows stronger because we get through the dumb and difficult stuff. So…

Dear Husband,
Here are the five ways to win my heart on a daily basis.

5. Be my best friend. Yes, you already are my best friend, but please never forget it. Never forget that you can share anything with me. I love to hear about how your day was at work. Tell me the good, the bad, and the ugly. Sure, it makes for a wonderful and colorful conversation, but I also really do care because I love you. We’re in it for life buddy, BFF’s foreva!

4. Remember the little things. Doing little things often trump doing big things every once in a while. Remind me how much you love me by leaving me little notes, maybe bring a bouquet a roses or baby’s breath home, surprise me with my favorite sweet treat, or even just text me cute things (I know you already do this, but keep doing it!). You know what they say…it’s the little things.

3. Love me for me. I know I go on tangents about my appearance and not being able to lose the baby weight as quickly as I want to; however, I want to say thank you for encouraging me and for telling me that you love me baby weight and all. Thank you for letting me be me. Please keep doing this, no matter how hard I may push back. I love hearing that I am beautiful, and that you love me. (Also, don’t forget to lovingly tell me that I need my 30 minute workout for the day.)

2. Love our daughter with all you’ve got. It’s hard not to love our sweet baby. I am so thankful that we have a girl because there is just something about the bond between a daddy and his baby girl. Just remember, she gets older every single day. Don’t miss out on holding her any chance you get because she won’t want to be held one day, enjoy getting spit up on now because she’s going to outgrow it, and kiss her often. I don’t think she’ll ever outgrow receiving kisses from her sweet daddy though. Treat her for the princess she is and love her so much!

  1. Put God first. There is nothing sexier (to me) than a man who loves the Lord. It makes me so happy that you look forward to church on Sundays and you want to get there early to fellowship with our friends. You are such a wonderful leader and example to Penelope and I. Remember to pray for us every day. Go to God when you need guidance. Remember to delight yourself in Him. He is the Giver of every good thing. He is the One who gives us patience when the going gets tough, but He is always faithful!

I love you dear husband. You have won my heart today, and I have no doubt you will do it again tomorrow!

I am proud to call myself Mrs. Escanuela

Food for thought: How does your spouse win your heart?

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