Timber // Down She Goes

Today, one of my biggest fears as a parent came true. I fell down the stairs with my child in my arms! Luckily, it was only two stairs, but still it was the scariest moment of this mama’s life. 

I have always thought about what I would do if this situation ever happened. Would I instinctively know to turn my body so she wouldn’t hit the ground or would I land on top of her? Now I know. I did in fact, instinctively turn my body so that I would hit the ground first. I laid on the ground for a minute in disbelief that it actually happened. The moment had come. I had just fallen down the stairs…and I wasn’t in heels! 

After the initial shock, I put Penelope down and realized my ankle hurt pretty good because of twisting it and my knee hurt because I landed on it. The good thing: I was able to walk it off. 

Well, we are both okay! We lived to tell the tale. But, I have come to a realization though. I know for a fact now that I would be willing to get hurt as much and as many times as could, if it meant protecting my Penelope Rose from harm. Mama bears unite!

That’s what I call real life, y’all!

Mama E

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