Penelope Rose // 28 Weeks // Third Trimester


Baby girl is the size of an eggplant.

  • Cravings: Froot Loops (lots and lots of Froot Loops), my Peach Cinnamon Hibiscus tea {YUM!}, carbonation [ugh, I’m so sick of water], and cheese balls!
  • Developments: Penny Rose is gaining more fat on that little wrinkly body, she is sporting some new eyelashes and she can blink, and she is starting to hiccup!
  • Mommy things: I have been getting extremely emotional and sensitive lately {so be nice to me, please}, I have been running hot [it doesn’t help that I am pregnant in the summertime…in Augusta…where the temperature is in the upper 90’s], swollen are the tiny feet of mine at the end of each day, I also got a surprise this week and had a touch of the morning sickness again, but the good news is we have our first class today: Baby 101! I’m sure we will be learning a lot! *We will be starting Lamaze in a few weeks*

12 lovely weeks left friends,
Momma E

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