Penelope Rose // 25 Weeks


We are officially moved into our new home. We just have to find places to put the small things, hang pictures, and set up the baby’s room. (Don’t worry though, all her clothes are in her closet)

PR 25 weeks

(Note: my mother thinks it’s ironic that Penelope is the size of a rutabaga because I do not like rutabagas. This has been a running joke within my family. Go ahead…ask my parents what they did to me one April Fools that involved rutabagas.)

  • Cravings: ALL THE FOOD! I am going to start being more careful with my diet though for Penelope’s sake. While I am craving sugar, carbs, and all the bad stuff, I should be eating more salads, fruits, veggies, and lower sodium. Yes, it will be a challenge.
  • Developments: Penelope is over a foot long and she weighs 1 lb 10 oz. She also starting to exchange leanness for some baby fat (that I will squeeze and kiss all over). Baby girl is growing more hair. Will it be blonde like daddy or brunette like mommy?
  • Mommy things: I had my glucose test done yesterday, let’s hope and pray I don’t have to take the big one!

15 weeks left? What!!!
Momma E

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