January // Tomatoes

Alright folks. January was quite the success I would say.
I have conquered my fear of eating tomatoes {outside of salsa and spaghetti sauce}.

I have learned something about myself in the process. The faces I make before eating a tomato are horrendous. Not only did my family noticed them, but I did too. Not very pretty.

BUT…I DID IT! I tried to incorporate tomatoes in at least one meal a day. Let me tell you, that is a challenge in itself. I have grown to like tomatoes more than I did when I started this whole process {but I’m still learning to love them}. I will continue to eat tomatoes for the rest of 2015. Hopefully, I will grow to like them more and more.

Here are some pictures of some meals that I had this month with tomatoes:
PDQ chix with tomato     Vegetable soup

Chix tortilla soup  Tomato Basil soup  Tomato and strawberry juice

Tomatoes    Southwest salad with tomato

Have I made you hungry yet?

Well, stay tuned. Next month I will be trying: Sweet Potatoes.

Stay hungry,

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