Frantic Friday // Questions I have

This is real life people.

If you are anything like me {GOD BLESS YOU}, then your A.D.D. kicks in sometimes. Especially, when it’s a relatively slow day at work. You just think about things and then you ask questions.

These are the list of questions that I have today:
1) Why have I not yet practiced the songs I will be singing on Sunday?
2) Why does kale smell like grass?
3) Why is it that when I try to be healthy, all I can think about is a really big slice of pizza?
4) Why do bad things happen to good people? Because this happened to me…
See this…Open here  LIES!!!…Really...

And last, but certainly not lease,
5) How did no one notice that Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana were the same person?! They talk the same. They both sing. Clearly Lily and Oliver were “Lola Luftnagle” and “Mike Standley III.” How is it not painfully obvious?

These are the questions, people!
{And please feel free to answer any of these questions}

Stay curious,

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