I Can’t Live Without My… // Nana’s Ring

I have decided to do a new reoccurring category with the theme “I can’t live without my…” The first one I chose has to do with someone very special to me.

WARNING: The rest of this post was very emotional for me to write. Be prepared.

I don’t think anyone can imagine the bond between a girl and her grandmother…except that girl and her grandmother.

My grandmother {or Nana, as we called her} was the most extraordinary woman. She was just the sweetest of ladies, she loved her family beyond belief, and she was such an incredible woman of faith. Although she couldn’t cook worth a flip, she made up for it by singing hymns and the silliest of songs. No, seriously. She always sang “I’m the Queen of the Woodland Fairies” when she was in a happy mood {which was all the time}. Like I said, she was an incredible woman of faith. She kept a prayer journal {or really multiple journals} and wrote in it daily. When she passed away to be with the Lord, we looked through them, and noticed that she prayed for my brother and I on a daily basis. What devotion! I know it made me feel so loved!

My Nana was my person! She was my pal. I loved her so very much. Every time I think of her, I get very emotional. Even though she’s been gone almost 11 years now {it seems like only yesterday}, I still get very teary eyed when I talk and think about her {for example: I am choking back tears now as I am writing this}.

After my Nana passed away, my Papa went through her belongings. He set some of her things aside specifically for me to see if I wanted them. I have several of her necklaces and earrings, but the most precious one for me that I received was one of her rings. My Papa got it for her one year on her birthday. It is her birthstone: amethyst for February.

Every time I look down at this ring, I am reminded of the beauty and precious being that was my Nana. It now has a double meaning. After I met Marcelo, I found out that his birthday was the same date as Nana. FEBRARY 28TH. I don’t think it was a coincidence. I fully believe in God’s divine plan. Now, Marcelo is not a replacement of my Nana {I don’t think ANYONE could replace her}, but I believe he was placed in our family for celebration of this date. It is a reminder of how wonderful my sweet Nana was, and the new joy that Marcelo is. I think of them both now, and how blessed I truly am.

I will let you in on a not-so-very secretive secret: I NEVER TAKE THIS RING OFF! EVER…I REFUSE TO!
I always wear this ring. From the time my Papa gave it to me to this day, I have only taken it off once. And that was only because the gemstone fell out of the ring and I had to get it replaced. But it still holds the highest value outside of my engagement and wedding bands.

So, without further ado…my Nana’s ring.
Nana's Ring hand           Nana's Ring hand and face
Gorgeous isn’t it? What a precious treasure.
I can’t live with my Nana’s ring.

Stay precious,

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