Challenges…NOT Resolutions

Well, welcome to 2015 y’all!


I don’t know about you, but I could use a fresh start or rather a blank page to start this new year. Marcelo and I have faced struggles in 2014 that we would never wish upon anyone, but we believe that we are stronger and love each other so much more now.

So, with all the not-so-great things that happened in 2014, they are now left in 2014.
2015 is OUR YEAR!

And, with a new year, comes great responsibilities. Wait…that’s not right.
With a new year, comes new “resolutions.”

Ugh…I hate the whole “new year resolutions” thing.

I have decided instead of making resolutions (i.e. lose weight, save money, volunteer, etc.) that I will just give up on come February, I am going to challenge myself with more realistic expectations.

1) Get more organized: Organization is not too hard for me. I do well when it’s not my personal belongings. So, Marcelo, I am going to do my best to be organized with my things.
2) Drink more water: So, I have learned that to live a healthier lifestyle it takes steps to get there. Living in the South, it is not easy to be healthy when there are crazy temptations that surround me. Like fried chicken and sweet tea. Alas, I am going to break up with sweet tea and soda this year and drink water. After all, water makes up roughly 65% of the human body. We kind of need water to survive.
3) Watch less television and read more: I am not a little kid anymore. Thank God! I shouldn’t need to watch T.V. all the time. Of course, I have my favorite shows, but I catch myself watching the television mindlessly. So, I need to cut ties with remote, and pick up the books. Books exercise our brains. They’re actually better than the movies and shows, I think. Most importantly, readers are leaders.

BONUS) Eat vegetables/foods that I have not eaten or have not liked in the past: So, I have challenged and set this personal goal for myself. For the next 12 months, I will be eating 12 vegetables/foods that I have not tried or have not liked before today. I will try to incorporate the food into my meals and I will eat the food the whole month. So, first up is tomatoes. Yes, I know, I like salsa, tomato soup, and tomato sauce; however, chunks of tomatoes and sliced tomatoes have been a no-go…until now that is. I will write every month about each of the foods and we will all see if it has changed my mind. Wish me luck y’all!

Well, there you have it. My hope is that you will encourage and challenge me through this year. I pray that 2015 will bring blessing and joy to everyone who reads my blog.


Let’s make it a good one!

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