Quarter of a Century

Lordy, Lordy!

Um. How does one write how they feel about turning another year older. Especially about a birthday that’s technically a milestone. 25. I guess the only thing to do is list 25 things I’ve learned in my 25 years…so far.

25. My parents were right. I decided to do this one first because it’s easier to admit it sooner rather than later. Yes, when you are younger you think you know everything and you think things won’t turn out how your parents say they will. Well, kids you’re wrong and your parents are right. Mom and dad you were right about everything.

24. Express Yourself. No, not the Madonna song. When I was little, I was a very quiet child. I guess I have my crazy brother to thank for showing me the ropes of expressing myself vocally. BUT, I have found that there are other ways to express myself. You don’t always have to say it, you can show it. The clothes you wear can say so much about you. So, next time you see me, you’ll know what mood I’m in. (Really it’s all about the shoes, though).

23. Friends–The Good, The Bad, and The Best. Oh friends. They can help shape who you are as a person or they can destroy you. You won’t find this out until you get to know them better. Oh, and trust me. There will be a change in you when you let the bad ones in. Everyone can tell when you let the bad “friends” influence you. The good ones will be in your circle for a good long while. But the best friends are there for life. They’re the ones who make you laugh until you cry. You always share the best jokes with them. And they will always be there for you…no matter what.

22. Time Flies By. You know the expression…”Times flies when you’re having fun.” I’m pretty sure it should just be “Time flies.” Because that is exactly how I feel. When you’re young, you tell yourself “I can’t wait until I’m older.” Oh, young people who read this, you miss things when you want to grow up too soon. Take life day by day. Enjoy the beauty of life because it flies by like you won’t believe.

21. Losing weight becomes harder as you get older. Self explanatory. Don’t gain weight. BAHAHAH! Oh, the constant struggle. It’s plain and simple…I love to eat, and I hate working out. But sometimes the things we hate the most can be good for us. Find your change of heart: eat healthy and find a good workout routine.

20. I enjoy coffee. And no, not in the basic white girl tall pumpkin spice latte no whip kind of way. Even though I like my occasional “treat” coffees. I truly enjoy drinking coffee when I get tired. And I mean, Dunkin’ Donuts medium roast coffee, 2 splendas, and half&half. Ahh…yum!

19. Tea Time is Brilliant. Jolly good. British people are so lucky that they have a reserved time in their day for tea! So, I drink my coffee to keep me awake, but I drink tea for the fun. Tea is one of the most feel good drinks you could drink. It’s so relaxing. It’s good for the soul. Find your tea and drink it happily.

18. Vegetables are actually pretty good. Growing up, I was a chicken fingers and french fries girl (with the exception of Mexican food…I love Mexican food. Go figure). All this to say, veggies weren’t exactly in my diet. I would eat Caesar salads and that’s pretty much it. I love fruit but veggies scare me. I am learning to like them more and more. I spent a good 3 years of my life as a vegetarian and then a pescatarian (meaning fish and seafood). I did this so I could challenge myself to eat more vegetables because (if we’re being honest) they’re actually packed with nutrients and good for your body. So, for the underdog…go veggies!

17. I HATE DOCTORS’ OFFICES. And, it has not gotten easier as I’ve gotten older. Doctors’ offices and hospitals give me sad memories. My earliest memory of a doctor’s office is when I got my 5 year old shots. You can ask my mother, I literally kicked nurses out of my room so they wouldn’t stick me with anymore needles. They had to hold me down so they could give me the rest. I still hate shots. Most of the time whenever I get shots or blood taken I go pale faced and the nurses ask me if I’m okay and I say yes (even though I would rather scream no). But such is life. I hate doctors’ offices.

16. Traveling is beautiful. Oh, the places you’ll go! I encourage travel. If you can’t go far, go as far as you can. There are so many life changing places in this world. I have been to Israel and walked where Jesus walked. I’ve been to London and saw the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. I’ve been to Paris and seen some of the most beautiful works of art and architecture ever. I’ve been to Swaziland and went to bless devastated people, but found that I was the one who was blessed by those people and children. Travel this world. There’s amazing places out there.

15. You Can’t Always Get What You Want. “But if you try sometimes well you might find you get what you need.” Such true words. I’m a very “wanty” person, that’s just a selfish nature. But, you learn that the things you needs are better than the things you want.

14. Money. When you’re living under your parents roof, and spending their money, it’s totally not a big deal. And then, you go out on your own. Oh my lanta! When it’s your money, you look at it differently. That’s YOUR money. You need that for essentials like food, gas, groceries, etc. All the essentials come first, then it’s the frivolous things. I think I’m more conscious of my money now that it’s mine and my husbands.

13. Tattoos kinda hurt. Young(er) people, as you grow up you see people with tattoos. Some of them are cool, some of them are scary, some are “what were they thinking?!” Remember this, think before you do. If you do want a tattoo, make sure it’s something that you won’t regret at some point in your life…because it will be there…for the rest of your life. And yah, it hurts. Needles are poking your skin!

12. I despise the term YOLO. No, duh! You only live once. Unfortunately, that term seems to be a challenge. Yes, while agree we should live everyday like it could be our last (because it very well could be), I don’t agree that we should be reckless and careless with our days.

11. Dreams Do Come True. That meaning, my dream came true by being able to work at “The Most Magical Place on Earth.” What a privilege it was. Disney has forever changed my life and for the better. Thousands of wonderful people from all across the world work at Disney and I had the pleasure of meeting some of them. If you get the opportunity some day to work there–do it!

10. Flying is of the devil. Yah thanks Wright brothers for figuring out the most terrifying form of transportation. For those of you who don’t know, I have a fear of flying. It’s a culmination of a fear of heights, falling, and going 500 miles an hour in the air in a metal death trap. This also brings up the subject of birds. Birds are terrifying creatures. To explain this fear we must go back in time, when my brother made me watch the Alfred Hitchcock “classic” –or to me horror film–The Birds. I’ve never been the same since. Like I said, flying is of the devil.

9. I like Pinterest way too much. I am constantly pinning things. It’s an addiction really, but I love it. So, if you don’t have a Pinterest, I would suggest not getting one because you won’t even know it’s happening and you’re hooked.

8. Doing the right thing is always more satisfying. What an important thing to learn. Yah, it may not be cool, and it may not seem like it at first, but doing the right thing always pays off in the end. You will feel so much better. And, sometimes you learn the hard way. Sometimes you make mistakes. Sometimes you “do what everyone else is doing.” It may feel exciting in that moment, but it won’t last. Do the right thing and see what happens.

7. Music is therapeutic. I love music. You can choose the music based on how you are feeling. It really is amazing. Most (all) of the time I’m feeling some Michael Buble.

6. It’s a miracle. My brother stopped being a pain in the butt. I love my brother. Always have. Always will. I wanted to be just like him. But he was a brother. He was so annoying growing up. He thought I was annoying. We always fought. And then, one day, he stopped being annoying. He is honestly, the coolest of brothers that anyone could ever ask for. He is a truly a blessing.

5. Red Birds are a sign of God’s promise. No, they are not Cardinals. They are red birds. That is what my Nana used to call them. And whenever they would land in her yard she would say, “My little red birds. They’re a sign of God’s promise.” Not that this is Biblically accurate in any sense, but she was such a wonderful lady that you learn to accept it. Every time that I see a red bird I am reminded of my grandmother and how lovely she was. She was such a faithful woman who loved her family.

4. Saying “thank you” means more than you know. Showing gratitude for the things that other people do for you is so important in life. You don’t realize it until you you’ve done something for someone else and they don’t say “thank you.” It’s the little things that can make a big difference in life. Always remember to say thank you and show gratitude for the things that people didn’t have to do for you, but they did it anyway.

3. True love isn’t always love at first sight. As hard as it is to believe, love doesn’t always happen like they do in fairy tales. I have already written about how my husband and I met, but I shall briefly re-tell it. I did not like my him at first. I felt like he was trying way too hard and I just wasn’t having it. It was to the point where I was just plain mean. But we did become friends first and then started dating, which I recommend it. Be friends first, so you know that you can stand each other. Our true love happened over time, which I like our love story much better than any fairy tale.

2. Marriage is hard work. Even after being married a little over a year, marriage is hard. You are learning to do life with your partner. It’s awesome, yet difficult. You have disagreements on certain things, but you learn to compromise. The best part is, if it’s true love, you grow to love them more and more everyday. And I do.

And, finally…
1. I love who I have become and who I am. Period.

Well, I must accept it. I will be 25 on December 18. Wish me luck y’all!

Bring it on, 25!


One thought on “Quarter of a Century

  1. Great words of wisdom Mary Liz and loved your personal insights of your experiences. You’re a beautiful young lady! We’re glad you’re here, Robin A

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