Tip for the Brides: Thank You’s


I cannot believe that it has been a little over 8 months since I married the love of my life…
I also cannot believe that it took me a little over 8 months to finish my “Thank You” notes! (Shame on me)

Thank you

My tip to the newlywed Bride (and Groom), make sure you get your “Thank You” notes done as soon as possible.
Learn from others (and my) mistakes. Get them done soon or you will forget about them.

It is also so important that you are sincere in your “Thank Yous.” No one wants a generic, insincere, or rushed thank you note.
Remember, the people that gave you these gifts really put thought into sending or giving the gift just for you and your new home.

-Make sure you write down the gift your friend/family member got you.
-Mention that gift in the note.
-Always mention how thoughtful it was.
-Try and include if you have used it and the occasion.
-If it was a gift card, write what you purchased with it.-Thank them for their prayers and encouragement.

My suggestion: write your “Thank Yous” with your beloved. It actually is fun to do them together because you can reminisce on y’all’s day and think of how thoughtful people are. Your friends and family are the ones that have prayed for you and have encouraged you throughout your journey.

If anyone has anymore suggestions or tips for Wedding Gift Thank You Notes please feel free to comment so others can see and use them.


Mrs. E

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