Puppies, oh Puppies

I had been debating with myself what subject to make my first post. Then, it hit me. Actually, it’s more like I stepped in it.

This is our puppy, Ellie Escanuela.


Isn’t she cute? She is a jacka-chiweenie. Yes a jack russell, chihuahua, and dachshund mix.

She can be a blessing, but she can also be…

We had our first day of Puppy Training yesterday with Ellie’s brother Mac (he belongs to our friends Lauren and Adam. You’ll probably be seeing a lot of them in my posts).
It went pretty well for orientation day. Our trainer answered any of the questions that anyone had about the puppies and what we will be learning. Ellie has a better grasp on the command “sit.” She doesn’t just do it for a treat now, she does it for other things. The trainer said that that is the best way to teach a puppy.
TIP: Slowly take away the treat as soon as they are getting a grasp on the command. This will confuse them less as they grow up.

However, potty training is very difficult for us to learn. The very kind trainer lady said that we would learn that as the weeks go on. This one should be a fun journey.

Another TIP: If you have a puppy, remember to get different types of toys for teething. If you just get one toy, your puppy can get tired of it and start chewing on furniture, and nobody wants that.

Bonus tip: For cats, buy a litter box, clean it, feed the cat, and leave it be. The cat will do whatever if feels like anyways.

If you have any questions, comments, or even tips of your own, please feel free to leave them in the comments section.


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